Our Focus

TJG also have deep experience in

Nurturing entrepreneurship

Our team has been supporting start ups for the past couple of decades from identifying and fine tuning business plans, raising early stage funding, mentoring, coaching, advisory roles, board relationships and helping them go to market.

Social enterprises

Our founders were associated with coining the term "social entrepreneur" and creating perhaps the first seed fund to help start ups in social space and we walk with them from seeding an idea to the level of success the founding team is ready to target.

Start ups

Combine that with nurturing entrepreneurship

Angel investing

Our team has helped over a dozen start ups with angel investments.

Early stage investments

We fund as well as raise early stage funds for start up ready for it.

Later stage funding

Our team has supported several start ups with subsequent rounds of funding.

Business turnaround

Our experience is in working with organizations of various sizes and help them by taking up interim CEO roles to mentoring or advisory roles and bring them back to a healthy business.

Interim executive roles

We are glad to assist with interim executive roles when organizations are ready for this hands on way to turn them around.