Our Sectors

The founders have global experience in leadership roles across sectors including in


Experience across print, visual, digital and social media. We support our clients Media turn around, start up support, planning ventures, funding, mentoring, executive coaching, second opinion, board roles, retainer advisor, meeting specific business challenges


Our experience from POTS to 4G helps us support our clients from addressing strategic challenges to specific business needs, from organizational design to customer delight, from redesigning systems to processes, board roles, retainer advisory including as executive coach and mentors


From planning, organizational development to future strategies, from product and service design to managing delivery, from conventional to new sources of energy we support our clients with all their management related challenges and needs.

Information technology

With global experience of advising key players in their evolution from strategic visioning to customer delight, we support our clients with retainer advisory, board roles, exploring new markets, handling major projects to any specific challenges that must be addressed as they surface.


With our experience with global pharma as well as younger firms position themselves globally, we support our clients with advice on their technologies and processes and management level challenges

Pharmacy benefit management

Addressing key business challenges across the value chain of delivery, from identifying challenges, exploring and designing solutions to specific management questions from managing helpdesk efficiently to improving turnaround time.

Healthcare delivery

Our global experience in supporting healthcare providers across management challenges helps us support our clients with myriad issues across the service cycle from designing a hospital to managing patient satisfaction

Global banking

We address systems and process challenges of our clients in the banking sector.

Wealth management

We support management, systems and processes challenges across wealth management value chain


We have supported founding of several CSR organizations and our founder chairs, mentors and advises multiple CSR institutions. We support reimagining how to view CSR practices and follow it up through the life cycle of giving shape to those ideas.